Captain's Log #21

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The love given and taken from those who faithfully serve to protect our way of life can be seen in the smiles of the children of that society. Only those who have sacrificed to such duty can truly appreciate the art they create.

— Captain Huon Yung, Star Fleet.

Released in November 2000, this issue is chock full of good information for Star Fleet Battles and Federation & Empire.

HISTORY includes "The Art of Duty" by Tom Gondolfi, one of the Day of the Eagles stories told primarily from the viewpoint of the Federation. "Mutiny on the Harasser" by Howard Berkey is a story told from a Klingon point of view. An article on Romulan awards rounds out this section.

COMMUNICATIONS continues as a department.  (Some of these were elements that moved to Database in later issues.) This includes:

  • Conventions
  • Tournaments
  • Awards
  • After Action
  • Command the Future
  • Notes for Judges
  • Input Guide
  • Proposals Board
  • Why
  • Ten Questions
  • And Ask Ketrick.

VENUES includes:

  • Star Fleet Warlord
  • Play by E-mail
  • SFB On-Line
  • And Star Fleet Command.

DATABASE remains the place for new SFB material, including articles on:

  • The Omega Sector
  • Shipyard Report
  • The Magellanic Empires
  • Battle Force 600
  • Early Years ships
  • New stuff for Prime Directive
  • A developmental history of Hydran fighters
  • Brothers of the Anarchist
  • Starline 2400 miniatures
  • And an example of boarding party operations.

SCENARIOS includes 10 new ones (SL183 to SL192).

TACTICS includes Victory at Origins 2000 by Paul Scott and nine pages of Term Papers.


  • News about the new F&E 2000 rulebook
  • Rules & Rulings
  • Strategies for F&E 2K
  • Q&A
  • And proposed new rules.

NEW SHIPS for SFB include Early Years Gorns, tugs and salvage ships, Kzinti and Lyran captured ships, and Omega tugs and pods – 17 ships in all.

Written by Stephen Cole