Captain's Log #20

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This June 2000 issue was inspired by a piece of cover art that Andy Goodwin submitted. We liked it so much that we had a contest to write a story to match it, and printed the best three stories. It was 112 pages long.

HISTORY includes the three stories (and nothing else – the stories took up 21 pages).

COMMUNICATIONS continues as a department. (Some of these were elements that moved to Database in later issues.) This includes:

  • Conventions
  • Tournaments
  • Awards
  • After Action
  • Command the Future
  • Dirty Little Secrets of Mail Order
  • Input Guide
  • Proposals Board
  • Why
  • Ten Questions
  • And Ask Ketrick.

VENUES includes:

  • Star Fleet Warlord
  • Play by Email
  • Star Fleet Battles On Line
  • Galactic Conquest
  • And Star Fleet Command.

DATABASE remained the place for new SFB material, including articles on:

  • The Omega Sector
  • Shipyard Report
  • the Uthicki (a new Magellanic empire)
  • Battle Force 600
  • An example of black hole movement
  • New stuff for Prime Directive
  • Brothers of the Anarchist
  • And Murphy's Laws of SFB.

SCENARIOS includes five new ones (SL178 to SL182).

TACTICS includes Victory on Line and several pages of Term papers.


  • News about the upcoming Advanced Operations, Rules & Rulings
  • Another look at SIDS
  • Marine Assault
  • The War Plans File
  • Tactical Notes
  • Economic Notes
  • And the first draft of Depot Level Repair.

NEW SHIPS for SFB include:

  • Four for Omega
  • Six Magellanics
  • Klingon ships for the Middle Years
  • And Kzinti light cruiser variants.

Written by Stephen Cole