Captain's Log #19

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This October 1999 issue showed that the new ADB, Inc. had hit its stride as the publisher of the Star Fleet Universe. It was 112 pages long. We finally had a company logo (which did not change for 12 years).

HISTORY includes the fiction story Another Point of View about Kzinti-Federation relations. Also included are one article on Romulan Military Ranks and one on Lyran politics.

COMMUNICATIONS appears as a department for the first time, as we divided the old Database chapter into two parts. This included:

  • Updates on conventions
  • The Input Guide
  • After Action Reports
  • WHY?
  • The Proposals Board
  • Ask Kommodore Ketrick
  • And an article about how to stay in touch with ADB, Inc.

VENUES appears for the first time as a new chapter to cover things outside the main published games. This time there are articles on Star Fleet Warlord, Play-by-Email, Galactic Conquest, SFB On Line, and Starfleet Command, all things that appear in the Venues chapter of every subsequent issue. Also included is a Victory At article about a tournament held on SFBOL.

DATABASE continues as a place to publish a lot of stuff for Star Fleet Battles, and some other things. This issue includes:

  • An update for the Vudar
  • An article on Prime Directive (RPGs were later moved to Venues)
  • The new Yitlian warrior species
  • The return of the Starline 2400 miniatures
  • Battle Force 600
  • An article on the Omega Sector
  • A short story from Omega
  • And the Brothers of the Anarchist (the first of what became a very long series).

SCENARIOS includes four new ones (SL174 to SL177).

TACTICS includes Victory at Origins Patrol 1998 and several pages of Term papers.


  • News about the upcoming Advanced Operations Rules & Rulings
  • Scenario 697 the Second Federation-Kzinti War
  • A preview of some material from Total War
  • A file of War Plans, Tactical Notes, and Economic Notes.

NEW SHIPS for SFB include ten for Omega, two for the Vudar, two brothers of the Anarchist, and several others from player submissions.

Written by Stephen Cole