Captain's Log #16

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This issue from November 1994 marked a new 112-page format.

HISTORY includes the story A Sense of Obligation about Tholians and their slaves, and a page of Universe Notes including how to convert warp factors into hexes on the game board.

DATABASE (which became the common section in later issues) includes:

  • Conventions
  • Rated aces
  • Service awards
  • Input Guide
  • Why
  • Proposals Board
  • Kommodore Ketrick
  • After Action Review
  • Command the Future
  • Several rules examples
  • Battle Force 1400
  • Building an SFB Group
  • 101 ways to kill a B10
  • Ten Questions
  • And a play aid for energy records.

UNIVERSE (which later became venues) includes:

  • The Vudar in Prime Directive
  • New missions for Star Fleet Missions
  • Reports on Star Fleet Warlord
  • And the Frax background. (There was a 16-page Frax SSD book in the back pages.)

SCENARIOS includes nine new ones (SL148 to SL156).

TACTICS includes:

  • The X-Ship Seminar
  • Term Papers
  • Victory at Gencon 94
  • And Ask Uncle Ardak.

Also included is a special feature: the Star Fleet Universe Index.


  • Q&A
  • Tactical Notes
  • Alliance Maulers
  • the Federation Warlords scenario
  • an article on balancing fleets for a free campaign
  • a list of allowed substitutions during production
  • and preview rules for casual PF flotillas.

Features eight new ships, including Jindarian shipyards, new X-ships, and maulers (plus the 16 Frax ships).

Written by Stephen Cole