Captain's Log #10

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For Captain's Log, Federation & Empire, and Star Fleet Battles.

This 1992 issue is 80 pages long.

HISTORY includes "Hold Until Relieved" and a humorous look at the Klingons.

UNIVERSE includes an introduction to Prime Directive First Edition.

DATABASE includes:

  • New ships (Hydran war destroyers)
  • Communications
  • After action reports on recent products
  • Schedule of future products
  • Why
  • Proposals Board
  • Battle Force 400
  • Ask Kommodore Ketrick
  • And 101 ways to JUST SAY NO when the Klingon high command tells you to attack the Federation.

DOOMSDAY includes 10 questions and a complete list of rules changes with explanations why they were made.

SCENARIOS includes six new ones (SL126 to SL131).

TACTICS includes:

  • The tactics board (the professor asks questions of cadets with names suspiciously like the guys on the BBS)
  • Term Papers
  • Victory at Origins 91
  • Victory at Gencon 91
  • And articles on ESGs and probes.


  • Q&A
  • Tactical Notes
  • An example of building PDUs
  • Rules for survey cruisers
  • Scenario 686 Reptilicon Revenged
  • The Militant Federation option
  • Kzinti defenses
  • Commentaries
  • And the report on Carrier War.

Written by Stephen Cole