Captain's Log #50

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"In conclusion, what I can say is that most Gorn officers are willing to fight the Romulans if and when the Romulans attack."

— from a report by Star Fleet Intelligence.


The Golden Issue! Released in March 2015 for our 50th issue, we blew out all of the stops to provide the hottest new material for each game. This Captain's Log issue supports Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Starmada, Prime Directive, Star Fleet Battle Force, Star Fleet Marines, and Federation & Empire. "Day of the Dragon" by Stephen V. Cole reveals how and why the Gorns entered the General War.

The rest of the History section includes "Scalewing" by Scott Moellmer, which is the story of a Gorn fighter pilot. A human Marshal is forced to face and revise his preconceptions about Gorns during a game of wits with an ISC patrol in "The Business of Being Here" by Jeff Anderson. Have a few chuckles as you read the "Reality TriVideo Preview." Find out more about the South Polar Vulcans.

As is usual, Communications is designed to inform readers about the company's activities. After Action reports are on Federation Master Starship Book, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Version 1.2, and the ship roster cards for that version of ACTASF. The company answers 10 questions about its operations. The Input Guide is designed to help writers and other people submitting material get their ideas into print. Aiding that is a section discussing why "technology sloshing" is prohibited in the SFU. This issue of Captain's Log has memorials for Leonard Nimoy and Isis, the Bengal cat that served as ADB's Inspector-General for years. There are further questions about technology, history, and ship design. "Gunfight at Tholia's Web" is a filk song. This section is rounded out with staff awards and other information about the company's plans.

Federation Commander has information on plans for the future, information about the Peladine (a new empire for Federation Commander), and information about playing online or by email. There's a page of Command Notes. There is a guide to close-range combat. There are battlegroups with tactics for a squadron assigned to protect seven freighters from the opposing force and its freighters. Finally, there are four new scenarios. One of those is for the new space monster: the space spider. Another is for the battlegroup situation. The third is based on a battle from the cover story. The final one is based on a trivideo by one of Olivette Roche's students.

This issue includes four scenarios for Star Fleet Battles. SL339 Battle of the Roadster is the scenario for the cover story. SL340 Fighting Convoys lays out the situation for the battlegroups. SL341 Final Act is a huge confrontation between the Klingons and Kzintis. SM19 Space Spider features that space monster.

The Star Fleet Battles tactics section has an account by Stephen McCann of his victory in the Platinum Tournament of 2013. The battlegroup section has a dozen confrontations between two empires attacking and defending freighters. The Magellanic primer focuses on the Maghadim. There is a page of Term Papers.

Database articles include an article on the space spider. There are guidelines to convert Paravian ships to various empires' technologies and vice versa. There are two pages of Ask Admiral Vanaxilth and another two of Ask Kommodore Ketrick. There is information on the Zosmans. The section is rounded out with proposals, campaign updates for the Frax, and answers to background questions.

The Venues include Star Fleet Warlord, SFB Online, Play by E-Mail, Star Fleet Battle Force, Prime Directive, Starmada, Star Fleet Marines, and Galactic Conquest. A Call to Arms: Star Fleet has rules and stats for the Moray Eel.

Federation & Empire gets its own proposals, Q&A, and "Why" questions. There is a page of Tactical Notes. Ravaging Cross-Winds: The Romulan Civil War is a new scenario; a sheet of playtest counters is included.

New ships for Star Fleet Battles include Klingon DCG commando collared war cruiser, DCC command collared war cruiser, DCF anti-fighter collared war cruiser, DCH cargo collared war cruiser, E2 early escort; Kzinti Middle Years cruiser; Gorn neo-command cruiser; Tholian jumbo web tender; Lyran Flamecat light space control ship; ISC light torpedo battleship; Seltorian Assault Wagon; Vudar commando war destroyer; and Zosman heavy cruiser, light cruiser, destroyer, and frigate. New ships for Federation Commander include the Peladine heavy cruiser, war cruiser, war destroyer, and frigate. Starmada gets the Andromedan Cobra, Intruder, Conquistador, and Mamba. These are for both the Admiralty and Nova editions of that game system. A Call to Arms: Star Fleet gets the Klingon F5B Fury-class frigate, D6B Barbarous-class heavy cruiser, D7B Klodode-class battlecruiser, and D5 Renegade-class war cruiser.

Supports Federation Commander, Star Fleet Battles, Federation & Empire, Prime Directive, Star Fleet Battle Force, SFB Galactic Conquest, Starmada, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Star Fleet Marines, and Star Fleet Warlord.

The colorized SSDs from this issue are sold separately; the Supplemental File (which includes background information) is free as a PDF.