Campaign Moderator's Companion (1e)

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The Conflict Continues

The Campaign Moderator's Companion contains advanced rules for use in your Victory by Any Means (VBAM) campaigns. Where the VBAM Campaign Guide introduced you to the core campaign system, the Companion takes you one step closer to galactic domination!

Included in this book are advanced rules for:

  • Detailed Star System Generation,
  • Exploration,
  • Sector-Based Movement,
  • Retreating,
  • Ramming,
  • Campaign Ground Combat Resolution,
  • Non-Player Entities,
  • Underworld Empires,
  • Terraforming,
  • Elite Officers and Crews,
  • and much, much more!

As with any VBAM product, all of the rules found in the Campaign Moderator's Companion are modular. You can use the rules you want, and ignore the rest! It is this design hallmark that allows you, the Campaign Moderator, to create the most rewarding campaign experience possible.

Written by Jay Waschak / Steve Brindle / Tyrel Lohr