Battlewagon Article #6: Battlewagon Scenario - Pacific Nights: Four Pacific Scenarios

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The sixth historical scenario for Battlewagon has been released from the vaults of Nexus!

Historical Background: Between August 1942 and the end of 1943, Japanese and Allied naval forces clashed in more than a dozen nighttime surface actions. These battles were generally the result of attempts to land, supply or evacuate troops in the Solomon Islands. Although Guadalcanal is certainly the best known of these islands, other invasions in the Solomons also resulted in sea fights. Allied landings at New Georgia, Vella Lavella and Bougainville all provoked sorties from the large Japanese naval base at Rabaul.

Either actual or threatened Allied air superiority caused these battles to be fought at night. This suited the Japanese well; they had trained long and hard in night tactics, concentrating on the use of their excellent torpedoes. Although the Allies had the advantage of radar, they did not learn how to use this advantage effectively until well into 1943. Only then could the Allies outfight the Japanese in night actions.

Published at the end of 1985, this scenario requires the second edition of Battlewagon.