Battle Axe Realms War Band

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Many are the lands of men, bright realms in the shining sun, rich in crops and wealthy in culture and holy servitude. The realms of men while diverse, tend to follow the same cultural norms, life under the rule of a royal family, devotion to the Church and constant struggles with orcs, goblins, undead and other terrors of the old world. Men are a superstitious lot, and more than willing to blame their woes on the old world races, be they fearful of the return of the Dragon Princes or that their souls will be devoured by the Blood Lords in the dark of winter's night.

Included with the Character set is . . .

  • Full stats on the Men-at-Arms, Pikemen and Knight as well as the Realms Faction
  • FAQ of all their cards
  • 6 Full Color cards, 13 Common, 10 Uncommon and 6 Rare and two unique cards.
  • Full rules on a new formation.

Bring some Armored might to your Battle Axe game with the Realms War Band. Note that this is not a full game, you will need Battle Axe to use this product.

Written by Robert Hemminger