Battle Axe Elven Outrider

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Many Elves take to the saddle with ease and find the thrill of mounted scouting to be their calling in life. These Outriders are the scouts and patrols of the many Elven Realms and often the first to see action as enemies raid into their homelands. The Elven Outrider is the master of their horse and a skilled archer, the envy of many.

Included with the Character set is . . .

  • Full stats on the Elven Outrider
  • FAQ of all their cards
  • 6 Full Color cards, X3 Common, X2 Uncommon and One Rare.

Load up your Elven War Bands with the light horsemen and watch your foes scatter as your break through their lines with ease.

Note that this is not a full game, you will need Battle Axe and the Elven War Host to use this product.

Written by Robert Hemminger