Battle Armor: Hive invasion, Mini-Game #49

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Captain Jones heard his squad open fire on the Hive swarms as the wave of flesh moved towards their position on the low hill. "Perkins," Jones called out on his comm link, "Lay down suppression fire to the north or the Hive will overrun our flank," he ordered, seeing that the squad would be swallowed up by the Hive force if their flank fell.

As he and his men, all encased in the battle armor, fired a wall of death into the Hive swarms, Jones called on his last ace in the hole. Sending a coded message through his uplink to the armada in orbit above the planet, he called to his men once more. "Take cover, bombardment on its way." To a man they took to the dirt as the sky lit up and hell fell from the clouds above, the ships in orbit dropping their payloads of atomic missiles down on the swarms.

This is Hive Invasion, an expansion to the Battle Armor system. Now add the alien Hive collective to your game, along with new weapons, options, and rules. This is not a full game, and requires that you have a copy of Battle Armor to play.

Written by Robert Hemminger