Astral Empires: Solar Ecliptic

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It is the near future of mankind . . . Humanity has finally left the cradle of Terra and slowly begun the move out into the Great Dark, into a massive galaxy they will one day dominate. Spread thinly throughout the Solar System, various factions of Old Earth vie for power and control of the vast natural resources of the inner and outer planets. Still, for the time being, Mankind is all alone . . .

Or maybe not?

Solar Ecliptic presents a complex political situation with numerous supernations fighting over dominance of Old Earth and its fledgling colonies all while under the observation of distant alien intelligences pondering the rise of this new power. There are many opportunities for adventure in this era of turmoil. For in times of conflict come times of great opportunity . . . And the chance to be present during Man's first ascent to the stars . . .

Written by Kevin Monk