Ars Magica: Tribunals of Hermes - Rome

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A Guide to the Corrupted Lands of Italy for Ars Magica 3rd Edition

Dream of Virtue

The heart of an Empire. The birth place of Christianity. The nexus of the Order of Hermes. The Roman Tribunal is the most magnificent land in Mythic Europe - and utterly damned. The powers of Darkness corrupt Rome's people, taint its Church, and stifle its magic. Here mortal fights mortal and Magus fights Magus, all for prizes long-forgotten. In a land of great marvels, the greatest is survival.

Nightmare of Vice

Tribunals of Hermes: Rome is the second in a series of Ars Magica 3rd Edition setting supplements. This book provides extensive detail on the magical and mundane realms of Mythic Europe's Italian peninsula. Here players and Storyguides will find everything needed to tell a horrific Saga or startling tale in a land remembered for its glory, now renowned for its corruption.

Written by Shannon Appel / Chris Frerking