Ars Magica: Tribunals of Hermes - Iberia

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Forsaken Land; Forsaken Hope

Trapped between harsh mountains and turbulent seas, the Hermetic Tribunal of Iberia is fated, nay, condemned to isolation. Here on the penninsula of future Spain, the order of Hermes has established itself amongst a resolute people who struggle against their imprisonment and against savage invaders who seek to conquer what little they have. Even Iberia's magi contribute to her wars, fighting amongst themselves for magic, territory, and revenge. Here, in this bleak, war-torn land, you may find your destiny or your doom.

Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia provides extensive background into both the mundane and magical realms of Mythic Europe's Spanish penninsula. Not only do you get everything you need to tell stories here, but you may choose from several fully developed covenants, or may create your own home on this desperate, forlorn coast.

Written by Peter Hentges