Ars Magica: Triamore

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The Covenant at Lucien's Folly

Of the covenant I can tell you this: That it is located within the lands of the Holy Roman Empire, on the skirts of that temporal power, and that it enjoys some standing with Frederick II. That it makes its home in a great castle, and holds a manor of land as might a temporal lord or abbot, with a village of peasants under its hand. – Goliard of Tremere

Welcome to Triamore: The Covenant at Lucien's Folly. This sourcebook describes this unique covenant, its manorial holdings, and the surrounding region. It's more than a narrow treatment of these topics, though. It's a treatise on the society, politics, and manorial life that surround every covenant, explaining how Triamore, the nearby villages, and the surrounding manors are similar to – or differ from – every covenant, village, county, or duchy across Mythic Europe. Triamore is a living covenant, ready for occupation by a group of player characters, for use as a detailed non-player covenant, or as an example of what a well-developed Ars Magica covenant can be.

For use with Ars Magica, Fourth Edition.

Written by Charles Ryan