Ars Magica: Trial by Fire - An Ars Magica Scenario Supplement

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Trial by Fire at a Glance

• Stand up against the most dangerous enemy in this Ars Magica second edition adventure.

• A dragon threatens the populace, and it is up to your characters to stop it. Will you use guile, or will you face the beast directly?

• A compelling setting in 13th century Flanders takes the troupe to new locations, or the story can be adjusted to suit your setting as needed.

More about Trial by Fire

Face down the ultimate adversary — a dragon! — in this adventure for Ars Magica second edition. Trial by Fire takes the magi to a new corner of Mythic Europe: 13th century Flanders, although the time and location can be adjusted as necessary to fit into your existing saga.

The town of De Panne was once at the mercy of the great dragon Pan Caudarax. When he left for the fiery mountains of Iceland, he promised to return at a specific time and date. Your magi have been tasked with figuring out what he wants and saving the town. Can you face down the dragon and live to tell the tale?

Trial by Fire is out of print. It requires Ars Magica second edition to play.