Ars Magica: The Tempest - Part II of the Four Seasons Tetrology

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The Tempest at a Glance

• This second volume in a four-volume adventure series allows you to experience the unique epic nature of Ars Magica third edition.

• The full story arc tells the tale of a covenant as it grows from Spring through Winter over the course of many years.

• This complete mystery-filled adventure has the characters investigating enigmatic pools of blood and vanishing magical power.

More about The Tempest

Fuel your games with this second volume in the Four Seasons Tetralogy, a series of adventures for Ars Magica third edition. This multi-volume adventure allows you to experience the development of the covenant without all of the prep work.

In The Tempest, mysterious pools of blood have begun to appear around your covenant, and its magical aura is beginning to dissipate. Can you get to the bottom of the mystery and help your covenant grow from Summer to Autumn?

The Tempest is out of print. It requires Ars Magica third edition to play.