Ars Magica: The Mythic Seas - The Sourcebook of the Oceans and Seas

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The first few days on the sea tell you whether you will be able to bear any more. After that, you can begin the serious business of exploring the ship, hearing its history, learning the theory of its construction, and testing its effectiveness in the event you are attacked.

 – from The Journeys of Edward the White

The Mythic Seas explores the vast, whitecapped portion of Mythic Europe covered only in water and ultimately ruled only by the whims of God. This book examines the ships that travel the ocean waters, offering rules for their creation and maintenance. It delves into the myths and legends of the briny deep, suggesting scenarios and sagas to test the mettle of magi. It provides rules for trading holds full of cargo on exotic shores. It details a host of sea-beasts mundane and magical. It offers new spells, new books, and new character archetypes. No roleplayer with any interest in high adventure should pass by The Mythic Seas!

Written by Alan Smithee / Roderick Robertson / Jeff Tidball