Ars Magica: The Mysteries

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144 pages, hardcover


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The Mysteries, Revised Edition at a Glance

• Add hidden cults to your Ars Magica games.

• Includes new magics such as planetary magic, performance magic, and new mysteries from Hermetic alchemy, Theurgy, and more.

• 144 pages of new material to fuel your trip through Mythic Europe.

About The Mysteries, Revised Edition

Explore the mysterious corners of Mythic Europe with this Ars Magica supplement. Within the Hermetic Order are hidden cults, each with their own agenda and magics. Learn more about these cults or create your own. Create player characters who belong to secret societies, or set them at odds with unknown groups with never-before-seen magics.

Undergo grueling initiations to join the Mystic Fraternity of Samos or fight against the necromantic magics of rogue members of the Disciples of the Worm. Join the wisdom-seeking troubadours of the Knights of the Green Stone and travel the roads of Mythic Europe. The Mysteries, Revised Edition gives you all of the information needed to bring these hidden truths to your game.