Ars Magica: The Medieval Handbook

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A Guide to the Realms of Medieval Europe for Ars Magica 3rd Edition.

Wisdom too . . .

Bound within these mere gatherings, these frail covers, is infinite wisdom. Bound here are the thoughts and perceptions of Peter of Aalen, traveling monk and brilliant theologian. For the humble reader, his words offer profound insight and shrewd advice on the very culture and society of medieval Europe. Here are bound inspired thoughts on Creation itself. Heed them and their wisdom is yours. Shun them and face your own folly.

is Mightier than the Sword

The Medieval Handbook is a sourcebook on Europe of the 12th century, the inspiration for all fantasy literature and roleplaying games. This book is written in the hand of a monk, offering his perspective on the society and culture of the Middle Ages. This information is invaluable to your fantasy world, no matter what game you play, for it infuses brilliant color and rich texture into your tales. Particularly valuable to players of Ars Magica, this book presents the Hermetic perspective on Mythic Europe's society and culture.

Written by Kevin Hassall