Ars Magica: The Broken Covenant of Calebais (1st Edition)

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The Bell of Ibyn Never Tolled.

And so the covenant fell. The wondrous bell warned the magi of all dangers, or so the wizards of Calebais thought. But fifty long years ago some dark force destroyed their beautiful covenant, and its opulent halls have remained untouched ever since. Until now. Into your hands has fallen a document that hints at how to pierce the protective Veil of Riddles, and you have an opportunity denied to all wizards before you: to explore the covenant of Calebais, to loot its treasures, and to solve its mysteries. But how did Calebais fall, and does the danger lurk there even yet?

For the adventurous, there wait bestial creatures, deadly traps, and fascinating prizes.

For the thoughtful, there wait riddles, mysteries, and tales yet untold.

For the slow of mind or body, there waits failure, or death.

For the Ars Magica completist, this is a digitized (scanned and OCR'd) reissue of the first edition of The Broken Covenant of Calebais, the first Ars Magica adventure published for the first edition of the game by Lion Rampant.

Written by Jonathan Tweet / Mark Rein•Hagen