Ars Magica: The Bishop's Staff - An Ars Magica Adventure

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What He shuts no man shall open.

– Isaiah 22:22

Many are the secrets of Sapientia Aetatum, an unusual winter covenant found inside the walls of an ancient Roman town.

Though many believe it dissolved long ago, one day a messenger brings the player magi an invitation to visit. Lured by the prospect of a political ally and magical trading partner, the players are drawn into a web of intrigue and dangerous entanglement with mundanes and the Church. All of their magical, investigative, and diplomatic skills will be required to find a vanished wizard, prevent a pogrom from being unleashed upon innocents, and understand the mystery of a saintly visitation. This 48-page adventure features maps and descriptions of the town, covenant, and many characters, as well as new rules for Karaite magic, an unusual tradition springing out of the mysticism of a Jewish sect that has flourished at Sapientia Aetatum.

Written by Michal de Verteuil.