Ars Magica: Tales of Power

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144 pages, softcover


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Tales of Power

Hermetic magi grow powerful in their age. They can defeat mundane armies single-handed, challenge spirits of fire in their lair, and drive the servants of Hell from their strongholds. No place in Mythic Europe is too distant, and no barrier can keep them out. From the popes and kings who rule to the peasants who till the soil, none may deny a magus for long. Why, then, would magi stay closeted in their laboratories?

With great power comes great stories.

This book contains five stories aimed at powerful magi, covering themes from political intrigue to a war with an Infernalist and his undead minions. When your magi need something more than another vis hunt to motivate them, Tales of Power has the answer.

Written by Christian R. Andersen / Mark Faulkner / Timothy Ferguson / Lachie Hayes / Mark Lawford / Matt Ryan