Ars Magica: South of the Sun

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The Legendary Kingdom of Prester John

This official Ars Magica sourcebook takes the magi past the equatorial Ring of Fire to the strange and wondrous Lands South of the Sun – a mythic place legendary in the medieval mind. From their iron citadels, the Colossi of Dis rule their demon-haunted hills; the Queen of Niobia, monarch of the last refugees of ancient Carthage, leads Juno's rites of worship; and Good King Prester John strives to forge a legacy of a united, Christian realm. Stranger wonders abound – from the mysterious river Physon, whose banks are lined with jewels, to the fearsome Sphinxes of the Veldt, and the enigmatic dream-sorcerers of the Horn Jungles.

Experience fantasy with a new twist: A medieval vision of mythic Africa, laden with magic and mystery, extraordinary challenges – and appropriate rewards – for the Order of Hermes.

This book, long out of print, was originally published by Atlas Games in 1991. It is written for Ars Magica 2nd Edition, but is easily adapted to later editions.

Written by Thomas M. Kane