Ars Magica: Parma Fabula - The Ars Magica Storyguide Screen

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Parma Fabula is a two-part supplement, consisting of a storyguide's screen and an inserted booklet full of useful information.

The screen contains a wealth of useful information, including all of the charts and tables the storyguide needs to adjudicate most combat and spellcasting situations.

The booklet is full of storyguide resources that can be used in any saga. It includes a plethora of artifacts, objets d'art, and other noteworthy items ready to be included in your own adventures, a fully-described library developed with the new fourth edition book rules in mind, to be dropped right into your own covenant; a company of mercenary grogs that are perfect as supplementary covenant guards, followers for a player character mercenary leader, or ready-made non-player characters—and much more!

Written by John Nephew / David Chart / Jeff Tidball / John W. Baichtal / Robin Steeden / Peter Hentges / Ian Welsh