Ars Magica: Ordo Nobilis - Mythic Europe's Nobility

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Mythic Europe's Nobility

"He who judges, rules."      – Ancient Croat Proverb

Samuel took a flask of oil and poured it over Saul's head, and he kissed him and said, "the Lord anoints you prince over his people Israel; you shall rule the people of the Lord and deliver them from the enemies around them."      – I Samuel, 10:1

The Most Noble Order

Ordo Nobilis surveys Mythic Europe's nobility, presenting a detailed picture of this privileged estate. It defines the nobility and explores their concerns and interests: How they lived, what they did, how they did it. Ordo Nobilis also includes a wealth of new rules options to support this background. More than a dozen new possibilities for chivalric combat expand your saga's battlefield options. The Mythic Penny simplifies bookkeeping. Rules for legal trials, a raft of new Virtues and Flaws, and a comprehensive look at the actual nobles of 1220 A.D. - from Scotland to Jerusalem - are only the beginning. Three complete scenarios take full advantage of these options. Welcome to the Noble Order.

For use with Ars Magica, Fourth Edition.

Written by Michal De Verteuil / Ian Hargrove / Robin Steeden