Ars Magica: More Mythic Places

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64 pages


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An Ars Magica Story Supplement

Places you've only dreamt of . . .

Beyond the peasant's reckoning, nay beyond the mundane world entirely, lie mythic realms that none but the learned, innocent, and blessed may perceive. These realms are the resting places of great beings of potence, and if properly approached they may grant great gifts. But lo, to enter the realms is to risk all, for after entering, one may never again find the path back to the mundane world. Proceed with caution . . .

More Mythic Places is an Ars Magica supplement that presents five magical locales of Faerie, Magic, Dominion, and Infernal might, sites designed to be the foci of many different stories. These locales are unique because they are composed of regio, levels of magical potence. Each level characterizes a single mythic place in a new way so that each place really has several natures, not just that apparent to the mortal world. Numerous story hooks also provide you with a wealth of applications for each locale. Thus, More Mythic Places offers a multitude of storytelling possibilities, presenting adventure locales that may be used again and again because they are rarely the same twice.

Written by Carl Schnurr