Ars Magica: Mistridge

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128 pages


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A storytelling sourcebook for Ars Magica 3rd Edition

Shrouded in Mystery

Waves of time crash against the mountain upon which you perch, and so do waves of blood and sweat. You belong to Mistridge, one of the greatest Covenants in the Order of Hermes, one of the greatest houses of wizardry in the world. Yea, great hardship has been suffered to make you one of the magnificent, but more is yet to come. There are enemies on that horizon who seek to bring you crashing down from your precarious aerie. Only your constant vigilance preserves you. To be blinded by the light of your own achievements will only mean your doom.

Shrouded in Mist

Mistridge is a story supplement for use with the Ars Magica Third Edition storytelling game. It provides all the information you need to be a Storyguide or player in the Mistridge Covenant setting. This book also offers extensive detail on Mythic Europe's Val du Bosque, and allows players the opportunity to create their own characters, or to assume the roles of vastly powerful wizards who have lorded over the Covenant for centuries. This book is your means to a fabulous Ars Magica Saga.

Written by Kevin Hassall