Ars Magica: Heirs to Merlin - The Stonehenge Tribunal

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Britain, the best of islands, is located in the Western Ocean, between France and Ireland. It is eight hundred miles long and two hundred wide, and provides plenty of everything that human beings need.

— from the introduction to Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain

Heirs to Merlin: The Stonehenge Tribunal details Mythic Europe's England and Wales. This essential work surveys a fascinating land ripe for adventure, from tales of King Arthur to the death of Thomas Becket, from the coming of the Order of Hermes to the ascendance of Blackthorn covenant, and from the druids' stone circles to tales of the English saints.

Ars Magica storyguides will come away from Heirs to Merlin with the background knowledge and inspiration necessary to run truly epic campaigns set in the Stonehenge Tribunal. And due to the multitude of saga options presented, even players of Stonehenge sagas can read Heirs to Merlin – every single page – without worry that an adventure's secrets will be spoiled. An entire troupe's access to this book will ensure a roleplaying experience of astounding depth.

Written by David Chart