Ars Magica: Hedge Magic

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"There is magic all around us ..."

This long-anticipated supplement features several non-Hermetic traditions of magic in Mythic Europe. The Cunning-folk live close to the land, and know how to make powerful charms, potions, and banes. Natural Magicians study the classical works of antiquity, finding in those scholarly works clues about working magic with formulae and ritual. Spirit Masters call entities of all sorts to them, and bargain with them for services. Finally, Ascetics, though meditation and austerity, are able to take their minds and bodies beyond the mundane limits of the world.

Rules are provided that allow players to take on the roles of any of these four types of hedge wizards. Or, the storyguide can use them as inspiration for encounters and antagonists. One thing is certain: with these new inhabitants, Mythic Europe will never be the same.

Written by John Snead / Aaron Link