Ars Magica: Festival of the Damned Anniversary Edition - Two Scenarios for Ars Magica

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Atlas Games celebrates its eighth anniversary by revising two classic Ars Magica adventures for the game's Fourth Edition and re-releasing them under one cover.

"The Ghoul of St. Lazare" (by John Nephew) begins with the discovery of a mutilated corpse, evidence of sinister events upriver. It introduces the players to the sleepy village of Vezay, where evil brews amidst ancient lies, heresy, and dark rituals.

In "Festival of the Damned" (by Jonathan Tweet), the troupe returns to Vezay, where the forces of Hell have rallied in the desecrated Church of St. Lazare. The magi have been invited to enjoy the pageantry of Easter Week, and to investigate a pouch of magical herbs. Witchcraft is suspected, but that becomes the least of the characters' problems in a week filled with peril and temptation.

"Ghoul" originally appeared in Tales of the Dark Ages, the very first Atlas Games release, in the summer of 1990. "Festival" was published as a stand-alone sequel the following year. Both have been widely praised by Ars Magica fans, and have been out of print since around 2001.

Written by John Snead / Sarah Link