Ars Magica: Faeries, Revised Edition

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Beware the Gifts of Arcadia!

There is a world that underlies Mythic Europe, a world of perfect beauty, living light, and dark horror – the world of the faeries. Follow the part-faerie troubadour Gerin as he pursues the faerie queen who stole his infant sister. Read first-hand accounts of faerie encounters, given by wizards and peasants, holy men, and diabolists. And learn the ways of prudent courtesy on which the lives of visitors depend in the faerie lands of Arcadia, a place where light and dark are directions as well as qualities, and where creativity can transform the very substance of reality.

Faeries features:

  • Extensive interior art, including a full-color center spread.
  • The story of Gerin, which runs throughout the book and illustrates the ways of the faeries.
  • Legends and stories of mortals' dealings with faeries.
  • Detailed faerie races and creatures, accompanied by scenario ideas for each.
  • A guide to generating and playing faerie characters.
Written by John Snead / Sarah Link