Ars Magica: Deadly Legacy

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Legend of Fate

Legends. They are tales of the past, done and gone, touching the world only in memory. The foolish scoff at legends, dismissing them out of hand. You, though of a young Covenant, know better. You know the past forges the present. You know the past hints at future. You know the legends of tomorrow will speak of today. You know those legends can be yours.

Legend of Doom

Deadly Legacy is a story supplement for the Ars Magica Third Edition storytelling game. It thrusts characters of a young Spring Covenant into the harsh and dangerous world of mundane legend and intrigue. Indeed, you are pitted against warring nobles, the Church, and foes beyond this mortal realm. Contend with all and garner vast power and trusted allies for the future. Fail your effort and newfound enemies will haunt you to the end of your numbered days.

Written by Thomas M. Kane