Ars Magica: A Medieval Tapestry

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Personalities of Mythic Europe

A Medieval Tapestry features dozens of unique characters to be added to your Ars Magica saga, plus informational inserts and story ideas, as well as magus archetypes. A Medieval Tapestry serves several purposes:

  • It illustrates character creation under the rules of Fourth Edition. The characters are practical examples and creative inspiration for players and storyguides making their own characters.
  • It is a source of ready-made characters for use by players and storyguides alike. If a new player drops into your saga for one game, you can just grab a character from this book rather than generating one from scratch. Or, as a storyguide, you can turn to this book when you need an NPC on the fly.
  • The characters and related inserts educate players about the setting of Mythic Europe and medieval history. Besides being interesting in their own right, the characters shed life on the typical and the unusual in medieval society. Informative inserts cover such topics as medieval law, hunting in the middle ages, the Knights Templar, heresy, and more.