Ars Magica 2nd Edition

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In Ars Magica, sometimes you will play the part of a stalwart grog, guarding the wizards with your sword and shield. Flexible combat rules make each battle distinct, unpredictable, and often deadly. Your brutal life as a hired sword promises little boredom.

You can also take the role of a companion, aiding the wizards with your specialized skills and talents. Take advantage of the balanced and open-ended character generation system and design a unique character without artificial class restrictions. Be a lame but magically sensitive friar, a fugitive baron, or a contortionist thief.

Or you will be a magus, a wizard of great power, and delve into arcane mysteries. The magic system is designed to give you all the powers granted wizards in legends, not to make you a common adventurer. Use spells and magic items of your own invention, make up spells in the heat of battle, and duel other wizards.

All the characters are centered around the covenant, the fortress where a group of magi live and conduct their esoteric studies. The covenant serves as the home base for the characters and is the central "character" in the ever-developing saga.

Set down your ponderous tomes, O wizard, and ready your party of friends and warriors. Magic and peril, knowledge and power, mystery and adventure beckon you.

Released in 1989, Lion Rampant's second or "revised" edition of Ars Magica brought this groundbreaking, award-winning game to a wider audience with clarified and expanded rules and text, a color cover, and new artwork.

(This is a digital reprint of a former print product, scanned and OCRed.)

Written by Jonathan Tweet / Mark ReinHagen