Argh!, The Guide to Pirates

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Arr . . . the sea be a harsh mistress.

Argh!, The Guide to Pirates is your gateway to adventure and excitement on the high seas. This book has everything you need to create a campaign based on a world of villainous pirates, dashing buccaneers, back-stabbing double-crossers, and every other type of scallywag that ever sailed the seven seas. This book covers every aspect of the pirate campaign: villains, heroes, vague morality, treasure, betrayal, and everything else you'd expect from a game about cutthroat buccaneers. Whether your pirates are raiding the Caribbean or sailing across a fantasy seascape, this book will keep you happy with loads of adventure ideas and character options. Players will find a vast treasure hold of new feats and skills to help them build fearsome pirates and scurvy sea dogs. Game masters will also be happy with the bevy of ideas for building their campaign.

Argh!, The Guide to Pirates provides gamers with:

  • GM advice for building a pirate campaign in multiple styles: historical, quasi-historical, and fantasy.
  • Plot hooks and random encounters
  • Four ready-made villains
  • Six new Advanced Classes
  • New Skills
  • Dozens of new Feats and Drawbacks
  • Pirate weapons

This book is compatible with the Modern d20 rulebook.

Written by David Caffee