Arcanina, Mini-Game #95

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With a puff of brightly colored smoke, the ogre appeared before the wizard, its mighty club clutched tightly in the monster's hand. "Go forth, mighty ogre, and slay the minions of my foe," called out the wizard from the window of his tower, and the ogre lumbered off toward an identical tower some leagues away.

"Ha, ha, ha," laughed the mad wizard as he watched his newest servant march to war. "Let's see if my brother wizard can handle this mighty warrior."

This is Arcanina, another Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Spend time summoning monsters and casting mighty spells in this fantasy game of strategy, conquest, and exploration. Try to summon the most powerful servants in your bid to defeat your sworn foe, doing so before he or she defeats you. Fully expandable, each set will offer players new lands to conquer, new spells to cast, and new monsters to summon and control.