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Advance your 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game with Advanced Player's Guide, written by one of the most experienced Dungeons & Dragons writers, Ari Marmell. Prepare yourself for 112 pages of 3 new races, 5 new classes, 20 new paragon paths, new feats, new rituals, optional rules for crafting and lingering wounds, and over 300 new powers!


  • The Earth Gnomes - Miners, wanderers, and tricksters who dwell either in the wilds or underground, often underestimated until it is far too late.
  • Orc-Blooded - Wild and savage warriors, often bestial yet capable of great nobility.
  • Shire Halflings - Small, practical people with a wanderlust that sometimes overcomes their distaste for adventure and their love of comfort.


  • Martial Artist - "You wear your steel on your body. I wear mine in my soul."
  • Paragon Path Master of Flowers - "Safety in numbers? It's an illusion. Watch."
  • Paragon Path Master of the Four Winds - "The victorious combatant never allows the foe an opportunity to strike back."
  • Paragon Path Stickfighter - "This? This isn't a weapon. This is just my walking stick..."
  • Paragon Path Unseen Ninja - "You won't see me coming, won't hear my footsteps. Death walks unseen, and I am death."
  • Nature Priest - "The beasts of the wild come when I beckon. I can shape the earth with a gesture, bend the storm to my will. Why, then, should I fear you?"
  • Paragon Path Hierophant - "We are all shaped by nature-and we shape nature in turn."
  • Paragon Path Stormwalker - "My voice is the thunder, my breath is the wind, and I am unstoppable as the storm itself."
  • Paragon Path Terrain Guardian - "I am the guardian of the wood. Obey my laws, and you shall pass through uninjured. Disobey, and your moldering flesh will enrich the soil for years to come."
  • Paragon Path Wildshaper - "I run beneath the night sky, howl at the glowing moon, savor the taste of flesh in my teeth, for the wolf and I are one."
  • Savage Warrior - "Stand and fight if you like. Many, far stronger than you, have fallen beneath my axe!"
  • Paragon Path Ferocious Brawler - "I will break you!"
  • Paragon Path Inexorable Vanguard - "The best defense is..." *WHAM!* "...that."
  • Paragon Path Raging Berserker - "Raaaarrgghh!!!"
  • Paragon Path Unmoving Bastion - "Let them come. None shall pass."
  • Troubadour - "Come, my friends. Together, we can forge our own legends!"
  • Paragon Path Dreamcaster - "Control the senses, control the mind, and you control the world."
  • Paragon Path Eldritch Trickster - "Leave it to me. They'll never see it coming."
  • Paragon Path Mystic Healer - "Don't worry. I'll take care of you."
  • Paragon Path Spymaster - "Just shut up and do what I tell you, and we'll make it past them. Otherwise, feel free to stay, because I'm not waiting for you."
  • Spellbinder - "Seeing is believing. I promise you, you will believe."

Other Paragon Paths

  • Acrobat - "Watch this, lummox. Only a fool would allow himself to be constrained by something as pitiful as gravity."
  • Merciless Assassin - "I don't know who you pissed off-but I wouldn't be here if you hadn't royally angered someone, would I?"
  • Specialist Mage - ""Any artist can paint with an entire palette. It takes a true genius to create art in a single hue."
  • Stalwart Cavalier - ""My sword and my arm are one. My steed and I are one. And my honor and my life are one."

Written by Ari Marmell