Advanced Adventures #13: White Dragon Run

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Advanced Adventures #13: White Dragon Run is an OSRIC(tm) module designed for 4-6 adventurers of levels 2-4.

The little village of White Dragon Run is at the edge of civilization - the place where monsters are a constant threat and adventurers thrive. It is here that reputations are made or broken, and deeds are performed only to be set in verse decades after the real story is long lost. On this thin line between country and chaos lies White Dragon Run. The last stop for the civilized before the well-trodden road becomes the weed-infested trail leading to creatures that would rather fight than herd, fish, or farm. There's a fortune to be made for the up-and-coming adventurer with the strength, the wile, and the cunning to strike out against dangers both natural and unnatural. White Dragon Run is the final stop before meeting one's destiny behind the sword, stave, dagger, or holy symbol.

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This adventures continues in Advanced Adventures #38: White Dragon Run II.

Written by James C. Boney