A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Book Two

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"Here we lay our web. Here we stand between our enemy and all we hold dear. Live or die, here we fight."

This is the much anticipated A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Book 2. There are more ships for empires you enjoyed in Book 1.2: Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Kzintis, and Gorns. The Orion Pirates and Tholians that were introduced in Book 1.2 now have full-scale fleets you can use. In addition, the Seltorians, deadly foes of the Tholians, are introduced and have a powerful fleet to hunt the Tholians down. There are monsters for your fleets to defeat – the huge Juggernaut, the Planet Killer which breaks down planets for fuel and doesn’t care if the worlds are inhabited or not, the Moray Eel of Space which eats ships, and the Sun Snake which makes stars go nova. There are more civilian bases and ships to protect and a few ships that are sheepdogs in sheep’s clothing. And there is a preview of WYN ships.

New types of ships include scouts to help you in your battles and commando ships to deliver troops to a planet or board an enemy’s ship. New terrain includes the WYN Radiation Zone. New weapons, new traits, and new special actions flesh out this book. There are lots of new scenarios that should test your wit and skills. There are templates to construct your own Tholian webs. (Web panels are also available on our shop on Shapeways.) Finally there is a consolidated index to both Book 1.2 and Book 2.

The Early Bird Edition has all the rules and information you need to play the game when combined with Book 1.2. When any updates (and finally the Deluxe Edition) are released, they will replace this as a free update. These updates will include more art, information on making your own planets, and a how-to guide on painting Orion Pirate ships.

Please note that you must have Book 1.2 to play this game. Book 2 is an expansion.