A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1.2: Civilian Ship Roster Card Pack

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The ships presented here are intended to represent abstractions of dozens of different (but similar) designs in use by all fleets for a variety of functions. Form follows function, and as these ships (for the most part) are cargo haulers, they can functionally be divided into these types. Outwardly, the various "Class-One Small Freighters" may look very different, but their ship rosters would be nearly identical. After all, a cargo ship needs cargo, enough engines to move them at a steady economical speed, a big enough hull to contain the crew, perhaps a phaser or two for self-defense, and whatever tractor beams and transporters are needed to facilitate cargo handling.

All of these ships might be owned by a civilian crew or corporation, or by a government at any level. Also included in this pack are two generic military bases.

This ship roster card pack contains: Class-One small freighter, Class-Two large freighter, Class-Three jumbo freighter, Free Trader transport, armed priority transport, Class-Four heavy freighter, armed cutter (class-1 phaser), armed cutter (class-2 phaser/drone), armed cutter (class-3 phaser/plasma), Prime Trader transport, mobile base, and battle station.

You must have A Call to Arms: Star Fleet Book 1, Revision 2 in order to use these cards.

Written by Jon Woodland