'61 '65 ACW Miniatures Game: One Nation, Two Flags

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'61–'65 is a fast play, company-level American Civil War game based on the popular Song of Blades mechanics. Playable with 40–100 miniatures per side in less than two hours, '61–'65 puts you in command of a Union or Confederate company with a Captain and several Lieutenants, Sergeants, and Corporals. Send your skirmishers ahead, keep a tight formation, and wait to see the white of your enemy's eyes before firing your volley!

  • Three scenarios included, one for each main period of the War (1861–62, 1863, 1864–65)
  • Simple rules that require decision making and encourage keeping a chain of command
  • Playable in any scale, with single based models
  • Profiles for Officers, NCOs, skirmishers, and enlisted men for each major period
  • Easy measuring system, no bookkeeping, minimal amount of markers
  • Rules for multiplayer battles and for playing the game as a Song of Drums and Shakos variant with as few as 6 to 15 figures (SDS required)
  • Optional rules for Cavalry and Artillery
  • Quick rules for setting up a table in pickup games
  • Sgt. O'Reilly hints on play, formations, combat, and much more . . .

Written by Sergio Laliscia