3-D Counter Sets, Set 05

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Ever needed a fast set of markers for your game, or needed to set up a battle for your favorite RPG and found you did not have the money, time, or desire to spend tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars on plastic and metal figures? Well we have the solution for you: cheap, but highly detailed paper stand up counters. Each counter represents a different character, creature, or monstrous beast that might be encountered in your game.

Used to fight in strategy-based miniature battles, or for RPG games, these paper counters will fit the bill. Each set comes with 12 detailed, stand up counters showing a heroic character, monster, or some beast. Combine these paper minis with Avalon Games' Battle Tiles and you will get even more bang for your buck. So go have some fun and enjoy! This first set comes with 12 heroic figures to spice up your gaming.

Written by Robert Hemminger