100 Towns

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As game master, you run a big, bright, beautiful world out there - have you mapped every corner of it?

If your players are venturing into a new region that you haven't had time to detail, here's a quick chart of 100 towns including their race(s), population, and a couple of notes that will give you just what you need to keep the action flowing.

Did the party just branch off the path you chose for them? A quick roll and you know where they will wind up for the night.

On the other side of things - Trying to flesh out your world, but running a little short on ideas?

Here are 100 ideas to spark your creativity and prevent tedious repetition in your world. This is not simply a one-page chart. You will get a small amount of detail, but enough to get your cerebral juices flowing. You can take it from there.

This supplement contains:
  • 21 pages of content
  • 100 communities, each described in a short paragraph
Written by John Josten