1 on 1 Adventures #6: Shroud of Olindor

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Expeditious Retreat Press announces its sixth title in 1 on 1 Adventures following the award-winning Pleasure Prison of the B'thuvian Demon Whore. 1 on 1 Adventures #6: Shroud of Olindor is designed for 1 GM and 1 player, rogue level 7-9.

Lord Dragle was set to auction off his most recent discovery, the Shroud of Olindor. The elven relic was certain to make Dragle a wealthy man. Such a pity he had to die. But the plot surrounding Dragle's death is far more layered than it appears. It is up to the player character to discover the hidden motives and ultimately recover the Shroud of Olindor.

The adventure is a sequel to 1 on 1 Adventures #2: Star of Olindor, although it is easily played as a stand-alone adventure.

Written by Matthew J. Hanson