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Each product features a classic fantasy adventure location: a dungeon, a keep, a temple complex, a thieves' guild, and so on. You can use these maps as references to build your own adventures, or simply take them in hand in case your players go in an unexpected direction during the campaign.

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The Great City, Temple Ward

Welcome to the Temple Ward, the most prized place for adventurers seeking healing and for people following their religious duties. The Temple Ward is a beautiful part of the Great City, featuring wonderful marble-built temples and great pebbled roads flanked by trees and well-tended bushes. The city of the dead also rests here, but many believe it to be a separate part of the city, rising north of the Temple Ward.

The number of the building refers to the map available in the Great City blueprint. Some descriptions of these buildings follow.

• 1-Our Lady of Luck Temple: The most mundane temple of the Great City is dedicated to the Luck Goddess. The temple features a ground floor with eight white marble pillars on the front side. The grand hall of prayers holds few seats because the temple is often overcrowded, so people stand to hear the liturgy. Below the temple rests a crypt featuring statues of lesser gods over tombs of high priests, as well as a white marble Luck Goddess statue.

• 3-House of Swords Abbey: One of the largest temples in the city, the Abbey of Swords is more similar to a military structure than a temple. Surrounded by a high wall and protected by guardhouses at the entrance, this temple is well-prepared for war. Inside the wall is a great garden and some austere buildings: the Grand Hall of Swords, which is the most prized healing place for fighter and warriors; the barracks, housing warpriests of the swords; the Archbishop's quarters, house of the Bishop of the Swords; the stables, and a gymnasium where all the priests must train twice a day.

• 4-The Silver Lady Temple: This is the temple dedicated to the moon. The temple is shaped like a half-moon with two great fountains, also shaped like a moon, standing before the entrance. Inside, the temple, built with a silver stone, is small but still houses some of the clergy as well as a renowned library overgrown with moon-related tomes and books.

• 5-The Shiny Lord Temple: Smaller than the temple of the moon but much higher, the temple of the Sun features only two great halls. Both the halls are very well-lit and feature a great mosaic of the sun in their middle. A crystal dome covers the second floor of the temple, wonderfully crafted to multiply the sunlight thousands of times.

• 6-The Great Mother Temple: This is the temple for nature's worshipers. The main feature of the temple is a timeless tree which is said to live for over ten centuries. The temple's main worship area is on the first floor; this way the worshipers can overlook and pray to the great tree. The ground floor, which is accessible only from the first floor, houses the clergy, a library, storerooms, and a private prayer hall.


Grid Style: This map product features a square grid.

Written by Mario Barbati