The Fantasy Trip: In the Labyrinth

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Hardcover; 176 pages.

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Monsters and Treasure!

Old-school dungeon-crawling is at its best in The Fantasy Trip. This book covers roleplaying, character creation and experience, and advanced magic and combat rules for players who already have Melee and Wizard. First released in 1980 and unavailable for decades, In the Labyrinth is back in a new, expanded, and improved edition for daring dungeon-delvers!

Here you'll find:

• The world of Cidri, full of fantasy and adventure;
• A quick, intuitive game system that lets you start playing in minutes, not hours;
• Character talents;
• Magic spells and items;
• Rules and suggestions to let characters gain abilities with experience;
• Monsters, beasts, and treasure;
• A small-scale map of the village of Bendwyn and descriptions of the people you'll meet there;
• A large-scale map of part of the kingdom of Elyntia and its duchies and towns.

Fully indexed, easy to read and use, this book is a great resource for all Game Masters, new or experienced.