Megahex Erasable Tiles

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG3484G


Four identical dry-erase megahex tiles, compatible with the TFT megahexes, to let you turn any tabletop into a big battlefield!


Megahex: Green Grass
Green Grass

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This is a set of four large identical megahex tiles, each 3 MH long by 2 MH tall. Choose between Green Grass, Stone, or Parchment. 

Together, the four tiles form a (skewed) rectangle about 24" × 15". They are dry-erasable and two-sided. One side is plain B&W; the other is your choice of green grass, gray stone, or a parchment map texture. Use as many sets as you want to turn your whole tabletop into a battlefield, draw the perfect scenery . . . erase when you're done, and fight a different battle next week!

They are usable with any game that uses hexes, including The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, and the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game.