Hexagram – Issue #1

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36-page zine, bookmark, and two postcards.

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Welcome to Hexagram, an old-school RPG zine for The Fantasy Trip.

What's inside Hexagram? 36 pages of great stuff, including articles and adventures such as:

  • "Snackromancer," by Guy McLimore. An encounter for use with The Fantasy Trip.
  • "Overloading a Treasure Chest," by Philip Reed. What goes into packing an 8+ pound roleplaying game boxed set?
  • "Rumors and Truths," by Steven Marsh.
  • "Twenty Terrible Traps," by Steve Jackson. Don't throw away your d20. We have much evil love for it.
  • More!

This first printing of Hexagram #1 INCLUDES a bookmark with a character sheet on the reverse side, as well as two postcards with new adventures!

Written by Eric Dow / Andrew Hackard / Steve Jackson / Howard Kistler / Steven Marsh / Guy McLimore / David L. Pulver / Philip Reed