GURPS Action 9: The City

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Mean Streets and Rooftop Runs

GURPS Action all but assumes that there will be streets, buildings, and people around. How else can you have car chases through crowds, classy restaurants full of femmes fatales and secret agents, and terrorist threats that menace millions? So, you grab GURPS City Stats to flesh out your town . . . and wonder how any of it matters to action heroes.

GURPS Action 9: The City shows how to use City Stats in ways that have less to do with demographics, economics, infrastructure, and politics, and a lot more to do with how many lives the terrorists are endangering, who can be bribed, what there is to climb on, and what the cops will let you get away with. The first chapter delves into detail on Action interpretations of the stats. The second offers six ready-to-use examples ranging from a logging camp to a megalopolis.

A cool action flick needs cool shooting locations!

Written by Sean Punch